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Review: The Nexus Gyro Extreme

Monday, July 19th, 2010

For men AND women!

Yeah, that’s what Tabu Toys says right on their website’s description of the Nexus Gyro Extreme, which I fucking love! I love when toys aren’t marketed as just for men or just for women when they can be used by pretty much anyone. I love prostate stimulating toys, and there are plenty of men who love vibrators!

So kudos for Tabu for saying we can all use this butt toy! (I always say, the asshole is the great equalizer – we all have one!)

Curvaceous Dee had done a review of the Extreme, and I mentioned in the comments how yummy they looked and how much I wanted one – and somehow, she managed to magic one up for me! (I assume that all New Zealanders are full of magic.)

The Nexus Gyro Extreme is definitely not a first time anal toy. Its rather big, and rather intimidating looking at first. But once you get it out of the box, you find it’s made with a very yummy silicone that has just enough give to be firm but pliable, and its really a rather simple thing to get in your butt!

The curves and bumps on the toy go in easy, and feel *very* good, at least for me! I found that the shape hit all sorts of fun parts inside me while I rocked on it.

I, too, found that sitting directly on the bulb and trying to rock wasn’t the easiest, sexiest way for me to play with this toy. Normally, when I masturbate, I’m sitting on my (rather hard) computer chair (What?! All the porn is on the computer!). If I put something in my butt, I keep it in by sort of wedging it between the chair and my ass. This also usually gives me some leverage to rock against it. Generally this works well, since most of my butt toys have a flat base.

The base of the Gyro Extreme is more bulbous, as it is actually designed to be rocked on! When I pressed down against it on my chair it was *waaay* to much pressure for me to be comfortable moving on it. However, when I moved to the bed, it was much easier. I was able to sit up better, and since the bed has enough give, I was able to use it to rock against the toy, which was *very* yummy. Very, very, very yummy. Meow.

Anon, however, was able to sit on the toy more directly, and very much enjoys the rocking motions – I think this is one of those situations where the individual make up of your body comes into play, particularly inside. I had though, since I’ve got so much junk in my trunk, I’d be able to sit on it directly with my ass as a cushion, but that didn’t work out. Meanwhile, Anon, who has much less ass than me was able to rock on it more easily. Go figure.

But hey, this is an *awesome* toy! I love it! I’m keeping it forever and ever and ever. In my butt. (At least, when I can get it away from Anon! You know, when we met he wasn’t even that into anal. Now, he’s a freakin’ asshound. Go me!)

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A Fistful of Dreams: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Well, if you can call a three week break from school that included a death in the family, a sick relative AND my own nasty cold a vacation…so lets call the months of July and August my summer vacation, shut the fuck up, and leave it at that, ok?

Got it? July and August. Good.

So I found myself doing lots of fisting this summer. I fisted three different people in a variety of orifices. In one case, it was two people, three orifices total, in less than 24 hours. I am a fisting mack.

At least in my head.

I must say, most of them were absolutely excellent times. Fisting was the highlight of my weekend at the Floating World! I was lucky enough to play with two people who were fairly new to anal fisting, and help them along their fisttastic journeys.

The first was the lovely Mollena! We had talked about getting together for some fisting the last time Mo was visiting New York, but alas, in NYC, you can’t just go to a dungeon and start fisting. Sometimes, that counts as sex, and there is No Sex in the Dungeon. Or laughing. But mostly sex. So we shelved the fisting until we both found out we were going to TFW.

The sling was pretty full most of the weekend, but we found a nice little niche in the curtained off women’s area of the dungeon.

For a first timer, Mo did a great job. Plus, she has ridiculously awesome orgasms to watch.

And the next day, she gave me truffles! Nothing says ‘Thanks for putting stuff in my butt’ like Godiva Truffles. With hazelnuts. (Take note of this boys – you can, in fact, bribe me with chocolate. The good stuff. With hazelnuts.)

I also got to make a new friend, and I got to fist that person at FW as well – both orifices! Whee!

I have to say, the negotiation for that scene was some of my hands down favourite negotiation ever. We were at dinner with some friends, when he mentioned he was currently exploring and working towards anal fisting, when I said ‘OMG! I do that! I love to fist!’

That lead to this exchange:

Him: “You fist? Lets fist!”

Me: “Sure!”

Him: “Later tonight?”

Me: “I have another fisting and a massage – lets see how my hands are, and we’ll see. Or else tomorrow.”

Both of us: “Yay fisting!”

That was the gist of it, anyway.

It was quite interest too, because I had never played with a transboy before either. Actually, I had no idea he was trans till he told me. I tend to be very accepting of what I’m told and I see. If, when we meet, you tell me you’re a boy and you use male pronouns, then that is how I will see you and think of you. Same goes for girls. The only time my brain starts to waver and melt is when I’m trying to talk to my parents about transpeople.

Anyway, it was a new experience, and it was totally fun and hot. We made some great steps in working out his butt, and like I said, I love working with people along their butt paths.

Also, I just want to say something about fisting really quickly – people seem to have this idea that fisting isn’t successful, in either hole, unless you’re in to the wrist, hand clenched.

This is most definitely not true. Its like saying sex isn’t sex with out a penis. Or if someone doesn’t have an orgasm. Everyone is built differently, and things are going to fit, or not fit, in different ways. Not everone is going to get a hand into them to the wrist. Not everyone is built on the inside for a fist shaped hand. Honestly, to me, whatever happens is a success. Its the journey, not the destination.

The whole fisting at the Floating World, by the way, lead to a great conversation with my ex Daniel. Whenever we talk after an extended period of silence, he likes to check in on how much I’m getting laid. Lately, there hasn’t been much penis in vagina sex in my life. I’m busy with school, after all, I don’t have my own place to entertain, and I’m just so tired sometimes.

I’m not even really thinking about sex with boys all that much. Kink starts to take a back seat during school as well. Sometimes, all I want to do is curl up and day dream about Gambit and Wolverine before falling asleep.

Anyway. While I haven’t shagged anyone since, uh…May? I have been fairly consistently fisting. (I mean, its fun!) Daniel commented “You do a lot more violating of orifices than you do getting laid” to which I replied ‘Its not violating if they hug you and give you chocolate when your done.’

Also, consent. Yeah. That is a good thing too.

A side note – one of the things we learn about in school are body mechanics, and how to use our bodies without stressing them out too much or hurting them. This is a good thing, and I find myself correcting my movements during daily tasks…and sometimes while topping.  And I at one point this summer, I caught myself pondering a way to fist and keep my wrist in proper alignment while I do it. I don’t want to hurt my money makers because of my hobbies!

Back to your regularly scheduled fisting post.

I also did a fisting at TESFest. I wasn’t totally happy with it, mostly because I felt the bottom seemed so eager to fist that he was ignoring what I consider basic safety.  This person wanted me to fist them deeply – well past the wrist.

Now, this is something I think it quite hot, and I’ve never gotten to do, which I explained to them – that while I have a fair amount of fisting skill and knowledge under my belt, particularly in the anal variety, that I have never gone beyond the wrist, or left the rectum/sigmoid colon area. But that I was willing to try.  And he was happy with that, and went off on a quest to find long gloves. I only keep basic black latex in my toy bag (which reminds me, I need to buy purple nitrile. I have blue, but I like purple better….and I need lube too. Oye.)

Anyway, when he came back from his quest for elbow to shoulder length gloves, he could not find them. (Which got me wondering at FW. Kinky Medical was vending at both events, and I saw the long gloves there at FW. Maybe they didn’t have them when he asked at TESFest, and they brought them to FW? Anyway. Whatever.) I figured, hey, we can still do regular fisting! That’s still fun!

However, he suggested we could still deep fist if I wore a glove and then, get this, wrapped my arm in saran wrap.

Do I even need to explain why this is a bad idea? I shouldn’t have to.  When I declined this, rather than going ‘Ok, she says she’s not comfortable, lets see what we can do’ he tried to convince me some more. Eventually, we settled on the regular fisting, and it was a pretty decent time. Fisting happened, people enjoyed themselves, end of story.

But I don’t really like when someone tries to convince me to do something I don’t consider safe after I decline. It irks me. (its right up there with people who list their dislikes as ‘hearing the word no’, and the word ‘guyliner).

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No Laughing in the Dungeon! – My first night at TESFest

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Some of my favourite scenes at TESFest were with my friend Hypnogirl, also known as Rik. We are silly. We have fun. We are not teh serious BDSMers! We had hijinks!

On my first night at TESFest, we had a light, but quite fun, scene in the dungeon. We started with a flogging and caning. Good times, but it took me a while to get calibrated. I’m used to playing with boys who like the ouchie stuff lots, like Kai (whom it often take at least two people to beat). Hypongirl is not Kai.

At one point, amid the squeaks and squeals, I heard her saying what I though was ‘oh no, oh no!’. Alas, it turned out to be ‘yellow! yellow!’. Hijink Number 1.

Shortly after, we turned her around on the cross to do fun sexy things. I put stuff in her butt! The men’s pleasure wand, which we found to be quite fun, even for teh anal noobs.

Now, I am kneeling in front of her, holding the toy and wiggling it around, doing stuff, and she’s using the bullet vibe I brought on her clit. (This, BTW, is not considered sex in the dungeon. However, I’m pretty sure I had sex with Hypnogirl that night. Hrm.)

I knew she likes the wartenbergh wheel, so I had put mine aside to use on her during this part of the evening. So, picture this – me on my knees, left hand holding the toy in her ass, right hand playing with the wheel. She’s got one hand on the bullet vibe, and…well, I’m not sure where the other was. But I was running the wheel just about everywhere I could reach. I had the bright idea to play with it up by her collar bone, and that was when I got it caught in her hair. Hijink Number 2 then ensues as we try to figure out who’s hand should go where and hold what to get the damn thing out.

At this point, we’re laughing hysterically, and joking about how there is No Laughing in the Dungeon! Then, we start talking lolcats. “This r teh serious scene, and I are teh serious dom!!” ‘I R TAKING IT LIKE GOOD GIRL!’ “I r TEH DOMINATE YOU!”

I’m sure we put someone else off their scenes, lol. God forbid people laugh in the dungeon!

After that, the scene began to wind down. While cleaning up, a nice man asked me to put clothes pins on his wife’s breasts while she was blindfolded.  A little odd, but not really out of place in a dungeon. And sometimes, a man just wants to see another chick put clothes pins on his wife’s breasts. I can dig that.

Two days later….Rik and I had cake again. We’ve done a cake scene before, at a friend’s party, but its sort of become our thing, so we do it all the time now. Heh.

At the same time, I was feeding Rik cake on her knees while blindfolded, I was also doing a feedee/stuffing/gainer scene (I’m not sure which is the right term) with another friend I’d met at TES Fest, but feeding her cake with her hands tied, and talking about how big and fat it would make her. In a nice way. According to her, I picked up feeder topping rather quickly. It was interesting – in a way, I was verbalizing everything I’m thinking when I’m eating cake or something else not so good for me. “Oh yeah, that’ll go right to my thighs. I’m a fat piggie.”

It was kind of nice to reclaim it in a  postive way, even if it isn’t my own kink. My feeding people thing stems from a) power of the feedee, in that I am going to feed them when and if I wish, and that they will eat as much or as little of whatever I choose for them because that is what I wish; b) as a form of affection, like in pet play – feeding a beloved pet by hand, or from your own plate (which I have done with all of my pets. Even the rats.) and c) the fact that I’m an Italian woman. Feeding people is what we do. What else would I do with these matronly upper arms? Hehe.

But I digress. I was having fun with both of my friends feeding them cake. Yes. Rik was mostly naked because she is a raging exhibitionist. And cake…is messy. It was all the cake. I swear.

By the time the (extremely delicious chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing) was nearly gone, Rik was covered in cake. Her face, her chest, her neck, and back…it got smeared, smushed and spread everywhere. Our friend, the Professor of Naugahyde, leaned over and said it would be hysterical if we could hose her down. I *loved* that idea, checked that it was ok with Rik, and sent another of our friends off to find a hose.

I kept on feeding, as I at least wanted the when and where to be a surprise (since randomly hosing someone down with out consent is not nice, she had to know we were gonna be doing it, but no one said she had to know when) and helped Rik out of the rest of her clothes. Sock and undies.

The hotel staff we found seemed quite eager to help once our friend found the hose. While he was unrolling it, the hotel guy was like “OMG, I’ll go find a spigot! This is gonna be great!”. At least, that’s how I imagine what he was thinking. He looked extremely amused, as did all the staff that weekend, but was very professional.

We got it all set up, and soon, it was time to hose ‘er down. Holy crap, was that fun. I need to hose down more people in my life. She was dancing around, still blindfolded while we got all the cake off of her. Very thoroughly. Lol.

It was good time – full of cake and laughter and friends. Those are the scenes I love.

I find it funny, that often my parents act as if I lead some sort of dangerous, deviant life that will cause me irreparable physical harm (they also seem to think I’m a bottom, but whatevs), when a good chunk of the scenes I’ve had and like to have are playful ones like that. Who *hasn’t* hosed off one of their friends in the yard? I mean, whats so bad about cake and water…and POWER!

….and vagina. Ha!

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Monday, July 6th, 2009

Ah, home from TESFest. Had quite a good time. I got to meet all sorts of wonderful people. Here are some things I learned:

1) I learned why they have the ‘no sex in the pool or hot tub’ rule. Someone fucking killed it for the rest of us. Bastards.

2) Fisting, particularly anal fisting, *particularly* anal fisting of a man will always draw a crowd in the dungeon.

3) Sleep number beds are awesome.

4) I pick up specific topping skills pretty fast – I did an erotic weight gain/feeder scene as a top, and I was, if I may say so myself, pretty fucking awesome at it.

5) Co-topping is awesome! Especially with PinkyGoonie – she’s purty, and fun. She’s mean and cute, and I’m…well, I’m mean and mean.

6) Sometimes blood doesn’t mean stop all together.

7) I need to get me some shoulder length gloves.

8) Coffee is Jesus, and cures everything.

9) I’m pretty sure I’m a sadist.

10) Angel and Sebastian teach great classes, and are both yummy. (Not the Sebastian I fist, or the Sebastian I don’t fist. A third Sebastian. Oye!)

Yeah, there were good times. I’ll write more about it later this week!

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Hi. My name is Wendy Blackheart.

If you meet me at an event, that is the name I use. I answer to Wendy everywhere – even at school.

However, it is NOT my real name. It is a nom de plum, and a scene name.

I mean really, Blackheart? What am I, a pirate?

I would assume that since I don’t hide the fact that this is not my real name, and that I mention using pseudonyms, that people would have figured that most of the boys I write about here are written about under a false name. I either use their public scene name, if I have their permission, or I create a name.

Sebastian, for example, is not anywhere near his real name. In fact, before being Sebastian, he was (and I believe he still is) written about on other blogs under a totally different name. I changed it because a) I hated the other name people used for him and b) he looks like a Sebastian. Like, St. Sebastian. All tall and skinny and pretty…and he’d probably look hot tied to a post filled with arrows.

Anyway. Sebastian is not his real name. If you meet someone in the scene (which, btw, is rather large) who’s name is Sebastian, it is definitely not the same Sebastian I write about here.

I mention this, because in my wanderings, I met a boy named Sebastian. He is *not* the boy who’s ass I fist (though I must say, he is aesthetically very much my type. Very good looking, very pretty.) However, he is emphatically not my Sebastian. So if you meet him, don’t ask about his latest fisting. Because he’s not getting fisted, at least not by me.

And really, its silly to make assumptions abut people. :)

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