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No Laughing in the Dungeon! – My first night at TESFest

July 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Some of my favourite scenes at TESFest were with my friend Hypnogirl, also known as Rik. We are silly. We have fun. We are not teh serious BDSMers! We had hijinks!

On my first night at TESFest, we had a light, but quite fun, scene in the dungeon. We started with a flogging and caning. Good times, but it took me a while to get calibrated. I’m used to playing with boys who like the ouchie stuff lots, like Kai (whom it often take at least two people to beat). Hypongirl is not Kai.

At one point, amid the squeaks and squeals, I heard her saying what I though was ‘oh no, oh no!’. Alas, it turned out to be ‘yellow! yellow!’. Hijink Number 1.

Shortly after, we turned her around on the cross to do fun sexy things. I put stuff in her butt! The men’s pleasure wand, which we found to be quite fun, even for teh anal noobs.

Now, I am kneeling in front of her, holding the toy and wiggling it around, doing stuff, and she’s using the bullet vibe I brought on her clit. (This, BTW, is not considered sex in the dungeon. However, I’m pretty sure I had sex with Hypnogirl that night. Hrm.)

I knew she likes the wartenbergh wheel, so I had put mine aside to use on her during this part of the evening. So, picture this – me on my knees, left hand holding the toy in her ass, right hand playing with the wheel. She’s got one hand on the bullet vibe, and…well, I’m not sure where the other was. But I was running the wheel just about everywhere I could reach. I had the bright idea to play with it up by her collar bone, and that was when I got it caught in her hair. Hijink Number 2 then ensues as we try to figure out who’s hand should go where and hold what to get the damn thing out.

At this point, we’re laughing hysterically, and joking about how there is No Laughing in the Dungeon! Then, we start talking lolcats. “This r teh serious scene, and I are teh serious dom!!” ‘I R TAKING IT LIKE GOOD GIRL!’ “I r TEH DOMINATE YOU!”

I’m sure we put someone else off their scenes, lol. God forbid people laugh in the dungeon!

After that, the scene began to wind down. While cleaning up, a nice man asked me to put clothes pins on his wife’s breasts while she was blindfolded.  A little odd, but not really out of place in a dungeon. And sometimes, a man just wants to see another chick put clothes pins on his wife’s breasts. I can dig that.

Two days later….Rik and I had cake again. We’ve done a cake scene before, at a friend’s party, but its sort of become our thing, so we do it all the time now. Heh.

At the same time, I was feeding Rik cake on her knees while blindfolded, I was also doing a feedee/stuffing/gainer scene (I’m not sure which is the right term) with another friend I’d met at TES Fest, but feeding her cake with her hands tied, and talking about how big and fat it would make her. In a nice way. According to her, I picked up feeder topping rather quickly. It was interesting – in a way, I was verbalizing everything I’m thinking when I’m eating cake or something else not so good for me. “Oh yeah, that’ll go right to my thighs. I’m a fat piggie.”

It was kind of nice to reclaim it in a  postive way, even if it isn’t my own kink. My feeding people thing stems from a) power of the feedee, in that I am going to feed them when and if I wish, and that they will eat as much or as little of whatever I choose for them because that is what I wish; b) as a form of affection, like in pet play – feeding a beloved pet by hand, or from your own plate (which I have done with all of my pets. Even the rats.) and c) the fact that I’m an Italian woman. Feeding people is what we do. What else would I do with these matronly upper arms? Hehe.

But I digress. I was having fun with both of my friends feeding them cake. Yes. Rik was mostly naked because she is a raging exhibitionist. And cake…is messy. It was all the cake. I swear.

By the time the (extremely delicious chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing) was nearly gone, Rik was covered in cake. Her face, her chest, her neck, and back…it got smeared, smushed and spread everywhere. Our friend, the Professor of Naugahyde, leaned over and said it would be hysterical if we could hose her down. I *loved* that idea, checked that it was ok with Rik, and sent another of our friends off to find a hose.

I kept on feeding, as I at least wanted the when and where to be a surprise (since randomly hosing someone down with out consent is not nice, she had to know we were gonna be doing it, but no one said she had to know when) and helped Rik out of the rest of her clothes. Sock and undies.

The hotel staff we found seemed quite eager to help once our friend found the hose. While he was unrolling it, the hotel guy was like “OMG, I’ll go find a spigot! This is gonna be great!”. At least, that’s how I imagine what he was thinking. He looked extremely amused, as did all the staff that weekend, but was very professional.

We got it all set up, and soon, it was time to hose ‘er down. Holy crap, was that fun. I need to hose down more people in my life. She was dancing around, still blindfolded while we got all the cake off of her. Very thoroughly. Lol.

It was good time – full of cake and laughter and friends. Those are the scenes I love.

I find it funny, that often my parents act as if I lead some sort of dangerous, deviant life that will cause me irreparable physical harm (they also seem to think I’m a bottom, but whatevs), when a good chunk of the scenes I’ve had and like to have are playful ones like that. Who *hasn’t* hosed off one of their friends in the yard? I mean, whats so bad about cake and water…and POWER!

….and vagina. Ha!

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  • 2 StacyCat // Jul 30, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Awesome write up!

    I find it funny that places still have such a heteronormative view of “sex,” so that us that play outside those lines can have sex in all sorts of places that others cant. When a girl can fuck a guys ass (or a girls ass/cunt), but a guy cant do the same, thats kinda off :)

    Im sad I missed the cake, though! sounded like a lot of fun!

  • 3 Jack // Jul 30, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    I almost forget!! I am the Marquis of Naugahyde!

  • 4 Joy // Aug 3, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Haha! There should SO be more lolcat dialect in all dungeons everywhere. Although one of my dear friends does glare at me when I start taunting her about being Teh Domly Dom…who knew I was a brat?
    Also, one of my other dear friends did a Lolcat ritual.


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