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Rope Strap-on Harness

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I like to repost this how-to that Jocasta wrote up for me a few years ago – I don’t own a strap-on harness. This is what I use, and its great!

Loop the working end through the bight. We just made a lark’s head. It is one of the most common knots you’ll make. Don’t tighten it, we need it loose enough to fit more rope.


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Of Experiments and Punch-fucking

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

This is quite the blast from the past! I started this post in…May 2009? If even then; I started it a few weeks after the last time I saw Sebastian, before he once again developed a case of Teh Girlfriend. We punch fucked. It was good.

I have to say – the ‘science experiment’ with the lube went well. Very well.  I mean, it led to punch fucking! If something leads to punch fucking, it is a Good Thing.

You see, when I showed up at Sebastian’s this last time, he had this idea that he had picked up somewhere about mixing 1/3 silicone lube with 2/3 water based lube for anal. (I think that was the ratio, I’m not sure.) I thought it was a little weird, since I like to stick with Babelube (I swear, it’s like my crack. Babelube, and Lomy Fic. They sort of go hand in hand…and if I don’t get enough of either, I get a little twitchy and irate.) Anyway. It is almost impossible for me to say no to Sebastian, because he’s fucking adorable and he knows it, so we set everything up, and then headed to the blender.

He mixed it all up while I watched.  All I could keep thinking was ‘God I hope he has another blender, I wouldn’t want to clean that out to make a smoothie.’ And ‘Jesus his ass looks good in those jeans’. The latter more than the former – he’s got a great ass. Thinking about a fantastic ass beat thinking about practical stuff any day – though nonsequitorial thoughts  and statements are just part of my nature.

The mixture took some fine tuning, but what we wound up with was actually pretty good – the best of both worlds. I generally avoid silicone lube like the plague, because I heart my silicone toys and don’t want to mess them up, and because I don’t like the way it feels in me, but it *does* last for about ten minutes short of forever. However, what it doesn’t do is stay where I damn well put it, or go where I want it to. But water based lube of a gel consistency does. Mix them together, and BAM. A lube that won’t quit that GOES WHERE I PUT IT. Plus, it was nice and warm from the blender. Though honestly, sometimes I don’t know why we don’t just use Crisco. They make it in sticks now and everything, and it doesn’t break down gloves, as its a vegetable based lube. (And it’s traditional for fisting. At some point, as a fister, I NEED to use Crisco, just once. It’s like getting married, when you need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.)

We jumped into play pretty quickly once he had the experimental lube mixed to his satisfaction. I think I was sitting there with my gloves on the whole time, next to the play area with all the toys laid out and paper towels at the ready. (He sets the play area up so nicely. I couldn’t do better myself. I actually find it calming, to have everything set up and right there, just so and in easy reach. It’s part of the reason I generally like to play at my own home when I can. Living with family has put the kibosh on that. There is also the toppy part of me that likes when people listen to me when I say things like ‘Have everything set up, music playing, and wear those tight jeans I like’)

It seems that the goal, when Sebastian and I play, is to push the envelope. We play fairly heavily, because we can, and because its hot.

Sebastian is a *fantastic* anal bottom, for a variety of reasons. 1) He knows what the fuck is going on – he is aware of his ass, his experience level, what’s going on the day we’re playing, and all the technical aspects of buttsechs – he tops too. These are good skills to have as a bottom. 2) He’s not afraid to communicate with me while I’m doing stuff to his butt – I always know if what I’m doing is good, bad, or indifferent.  (It also doesn’t hurt that he’s young, full of awesome, and hot like a thing thats really hot.)

Communication is supremely important, at least for me, as the penetrative partner. I’m paranoid and always think about worst case scenarios. I could seriously hurt a butt if my partner and I don’t communicate – the worst that could happen to me is a sprained hand (or possibly a broken wrist. However, I think any event that led to my wrist being broken would probably be hilarious. Sucky, since I need my hands for massaging, but hilarious. I’m sure it would involve me slipping on lube or something while wrist deep in Brock Sampson.)

And I think I’m pretty fucking good anal top. I’ve done research. I’ve read things. I study anatomy. I have had this stuff done to me (excluding being fisted. So far.) I listen to what my bottoms are telling me. I also try to research as best I can topics or activities I’m wary or unfamiliar with.

The last time we had played, Sebastian had mentioned punch fucking. I was wildly turned on by the idea of it, but wary of the practice. (Plenty of things that turn me on wildly belong in my head and in my head alone)

However, I was fortunate to attend Tristan Taormino’s anal sex class at Winter Fire last year.  It was more of an Anal 201 type class – the assumption was that we had the basics down, and were interested in bringing anal to the next level or bringing it into power-play. Lots of talk about fisting, extended butt plug wearing, etc.

I figured, if I was nervous about punch fucking, she was the person to ask. So ask I did! I think, more than anything I was asking for permission – I wanted to know that this was an ok activity, and I wanted to hear it from someone who both loves and knows the butt. Her advice, or answer to my question (Which was pretty much “I have a friend who’s interested in me punch fucking him – can I do this/is it ok/do I need to know anything?”) was basically “Well, if he can take it, than sure!”

Subjective, of course, but that’s really the only answer. ‘Can I punch fuck?’ is very general. ‘Can I punch fuck YOU’ is different. Butts are like snowflakes; they all taste a little different when you catch them on your tongue.

Anyway, as far as ‘Can Sebastian take a punch fucking?’ I had a good feeling the answer was yes. And this time, when I was wrist deep in him and he asked me to rip my fist out and punch it back in…I did!

It didn’t start out as a punching motion. At first, while we were warming up, I was narrowing my hand back into the pre-fisting position on the way out and the way back in, but as his ass relaxed and opened up (Ah, that glorious moment when the ass finally opens, its glorious, glorious! It always makes me marvel at the form and function of the human body, and the mind/body connection and how that all ties together…) I was more and more able to keep my hand in the ‘fist’ position until I was…well, punch fucking him!

Joemigod. It was hot. So, so hot. I don’t remember the last time I actually *soaked* my panties while fisting. The combination of the power of my position, his vulnerability, the feeling of my hand pushing into his ass…and I just can’t describe the feeling of having your entire hand buried all the way to the wrist inside someone’s ass.

And I must admit, there is a part of me that enjoys the fact that within a taboo act, I can go even farther. I guess when it comes to fisting, I’m an edge play? But to me, it doesn’t seem like an edge. I’m perfect comfortable with what I’m doing and it doesn’t feel edgy to me, just hot. I look forward to more punch fucking, and do a very deep fisting. I’d love to get inside someone to the elbow…

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Review: Bootie Butt Plug

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Ah, the Bootie! Another wonderful product by the lovely people over at Fun Factory! I don’t think I’ve ever disliked one of their toys.

As usual, their packaging was lovely and fun to open – I always feel like a kid on Christmas opening one of their toys!

The toy itself was top quality silicone, and a very wonderful shape, curved just so, and is perfect for g-spot/p-spot stimulation. The external base is long and curved, and fits against the body perfectly, and tucks between the cheeks, rather than pushing them apart the way a round base would do.

My only quibble with the Bootie is that I was hoping it would be bigger. In my butt explorations, I’ve found I like things rather bigger than the Bootie in my ass. I would love love love it if fun factory came out with a Bootie that had more girth!

However, since it is the approximate width of a finger, give or take, that makes the Bootie a perfect toy for someone trying out butt sex and butt plugs for the first time; and as the toy is silicone, its easy to clean. The price is also a good factor in choosing a first time butt toy – its not going to break your bank, but you also get a really good quality, fun to play with toy for your buck.

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Review: The Ultimate Love Pacifier

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


The Ultimate Love Pacifier is a toy I love to have in my butt. For realz, its totally yummy. I love the unique shape – it hits all sorts of lovely things in my ass!

The ring on the end is a delight as well – I like having something I can slip my finger in to pull it out, and its also *really* fun to stick a bullet vibe through the hole. Silicone transmits vibrations very nicely.

Did I mention its made of silicone, the wonder material, and thus boilable? Yeah, its that, which I luuuurve. I’m such a whore for silicone.

And, its 14 bucks – which is an AMAZING price for a silicone butt toy!

The little ridges on the ring aren’t particularly thrilling for me, but I think they’ll feel nice on my boy’s balls or taint, when I try this one in his butt.

I love dual purpose toys – anal for the whole family! It even comes in blue or pink - his and her’s butt toys! I love it!

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Sex and School

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Goddamn, but school keeps making me think of sex.

Last semester, it was learning about all the bones that form the landmarks I like to see on a man. Sacral crest. Anterior Superior Iliac Spine. Transverse processes. I had pale skinny boys dancing in front of my eyes.

Maybe thats why I did so well in A&P 1, and no so well in myology. Bones figure more into my fantasy boys than muscle.

This semester, shit, this first week, it was Assessment, where we were talking about the normal range of motion in joints, doing stretches, etc.

Every time we talked about flexible people, I kept thinking about that time I had Sebastian bent in half, with one hand on his ankles, and the other fucking his ass.

Alas, Sebastian seems to have a case of Teh Girlfriend again, so there won’t be much in the way of bending him in half again anytime soon, but it does lead to some rich fantasies of bending other boys in half.

I do love a flexible man.

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