Fluids and Humiliation

So last week was probably one of the top five most awful weeks of my life, peaking with a crying breakdown in a classroom at The Floating World. However, The Floating World itself was a fucking awesome event, and a really wonderful way for me to end the week on a high note – I had great scenes with my boy and with friends, I had my classes go fantastically, I watched my boy make out with another girl and was totally cool with it, and basically, had good times.

I will be writing about them soon. I will also eventually write more about the icky times I had last week – but first, I want to write about face pissing. Pissing in generally, really.

Lately, I’ve found that I enjoy doing things that are a little humiliating to Anon. (Speaking, if you are going to Dark Odyssey Summer Camp in September, and either are a friend, or identify as female-type, join the “Pee On My Boyfriend!” invite on the DO Attendees site!)

Something about pissing is both fun, humiliating and very, very sexy, especially when I do it to Anon when he isn’t expecting it.

Sometimes, I have Anon help me get off, but I don’t let him get off – this is particularly mean and humiliating after I’ve kept him in denial, and he really really really wants to come sooooo badly, but I’m being super mean and saying no.  The last time I did this, about a month ago, I had a super awesome orgasm, and then immediately dragged Anon into the bathroom.

I tossed him into the tub, and had him start jerking off while I pissed on his face, grabbing his head by the hair.

I must say, the combination of all sorts of fluids, combined with the obvious humiliation at having to masturbate to orgasm while I’m pissing in his face was quite delightful to watch!

I did this again over the weekend at the hotel  during the Floating World. The pissing in his face bit, not the making him jerk off bit. Though I did get off a whole bunch first. We had some thoroughly lovely morning drilling me into the mattress sex, which ended with Anon getting a face full of messy pee after I had a bajillion orgasm from Anon’s penis. Good time.

The best part of peeing on someone in a hotel is that when we’re done, and about to take a shower and forgot the towels, I don’t mind getting out and trailing a bit of pee from my feet through the room because hey, its not my room! I don’t care if pee gets on the floor!

Remember that next time you’re staying in a hotel.

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2 Responses to “Fluids and Humiliation”

  1. ANoN says:

    So I guess the humiliation aand Denial thing is here to say huh :( I wold complain but it is kind of hot…

  2. Asehpe says:

    Having already indulged on both sides of this experience, all I can say is: go ahead and enjoy! It’s really a delight, it touches something deep and wild in us (something that even gets me scared sometimes!… I wished I knew exactly what it is) that multiplies the pleasures in many ways. It’s not only ‘kind of hot’, it’s… hot!

    You guys are young, and are having a great time. I really wish you the best. If only there were many more like you! Hey, when you have kids, remember to teach them well.

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