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Three Scenes in Three Days: Scene 3

March 30th, 2010 · 3 Comments


So, I helped participate in a Ritual Mummification class that Klawdya Rothschild taught, and it was frakkin’ awesome, and of course gave me a bajillion ideas for the boy that weekend.

I told him that we needed to head to the dollar store to pick up supplies – and I wasn’t telling him what they were for, except that they weren’t going to be hurty (Before I mentioned that it wouldn’t be hurty, he was trying to convince me the dollar stores in Philly had all gone out of business)

I managed to find almost everything I wanted there – paint, duct-tape, ribbons. I wanted new sheets, but I remembered something even better – my mother had given us a set of Queen sized sheets in a lovely beige, but Anon has a Full sized bed. Ha! Perfect.

So, Saturday night, after we had that crazy hot fucking scene that involved bondage and a broken Tenga Egg, Anon and I walked to the city. He went to a gaming event, and I waited there for one of our friends, Z.  We wandered around, and eventually got back to our place, and smoked some pot while I tore two sets of sheets into strips. Eventually Anon showed up, and was confused about the strips.  I folded them, stacked them, and put them away, after which I mostly ignored them.

The next day, Anon went over to Horn’s house to do laundry. I told him to be back by a certain time, since I was staying home to study. I studied for about an hour and a half, and then went and set up the bedroom.

I cleaned off my dresser, and set out everything I would need.

Black sheets, beige sheets, chocolate body paint, paint brush, black tempera paint, a cup, and a brush. Candles – seven day for play, and a few others for mood. Duct tape. Blind fold. Decorations.

Then I went back to studying and waiting for the boy. Ten minutes before he was supposed to arrive, I lit the candles.  When he arrived, we spent a few minutes relaxing before I told him to get undressed and wait for me to call him into the bedroom.

I slipped into a cute little lace nightgown of mine (that I had to dig out of one of his drawers, lol) When he came in, I let him see everything for a few moments before I blindfolded him.

This is the photo-documentary of what we did.

First, I had him kneel while I painted symbols on him with the body chocolate. This was funny, to me. I didn’t realize that I had focused on his chakras until he pointed it out to me. See, I tend to go into ritual in two ways; either its very planned, and someone else is leading it, or I’m fucking winging it with half a plan and some ideas. This was the second kind of ritual.

Then, I used strips of black sheet to wrap his arms, legs, genitals and torso, all individually.

I know, I know, he kind of looks like a bad prop from a Marilyn Manson video right here. It gets better.

After this part, I wrapped his body with the beige sheets, starting with his legs and working my way up, crossing his arms and wrapping them together.

After this was all done, I took of the blindfold, and stood on the bed to wrap his face up – loosely! I didn’t want to be killing him or blocking airways or anything. That would be bad.

At this point, I had him fall backwards towards me onto the bed, while I guided him down. Then I wrapped his feet, and got out the wax and black paint! First, I painted him. Then, I dripped wax on him.

Yeah, I drew a penis. What can I say? I like cock, and penis is somewhat significant to the Isis/Osiris Mythos.

I wound up not using much of the decorative ribbon – I wound some around his head, and attached some to his arms, but I wanted to keep things fairly simple this time around.

Once I was finished, I curled up with him on the bed, and let him chill out in the bondage.

I found that cuddling someone who you’ve just painted can get quite messy. It took me a little while, but eventually I dealt with the fact that I, too, would be covered in paint.

After I unwrapped him, we cuddled a bit more, and I wound up covered in chocolate too. So, we both had to shower. Oh yeah. Hot sexy shower time!

After that, we went to Quizzo at a bar with friends, had delicious drinks and snacks, and did not win the game.

However, the scene/ritual was frakkin’ awesome, and I plan to mummify him again, with a variety of different materials.

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  • 2 Curvaceous Dee // Mar 30, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    This looks like it was a lot of fun! You’ve reminded me that I planned to do something similar with Hylas and plastic wrap …

    xx Dee

  • 3 Wendy Blackheart // Apr 1, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Tee hee. I’m looking forward to getting some pretty coloured pallet wrap to decorate the boy with…and vet wrap, for his head and face. And duct tape, for pretty decorating!

    After that, I told him I’ll use it all to turn him in to my living sex toy. I’ll be cutting out his bits, and making use of them while he’s wrapped up. :)


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