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April 27th, 2010 · 1 Comment

So, I’ve been quiet here for a while, haven’t I? Sad for ya’ll, good for me! I was busy finishing out the semester at school, and I have a nice two week break.

I left NY after my last final, and spent a whole glorious week with Anon, being all adorably D/s, and domestic. I’m a better cook  - The extent of his cooking abilities are eggs, cereal, boxed macaroni and cheese, and stuffed peppers. I also got my OCD on, and finally alphabetized his DVD  and VHS collection, and organized our dressers. I know the magic of ‘folding’, which I’m working on teaching him these ancient secrets.

After that week, we headed out to Brimstone, where I was presenting three classes – the first time I present classes at a big convention! Go me!

The first class of the weekend was my ‘Massage for Fun and Relaxation’ class, which is essentially a demo of a variety of simple Swedish massage techniques, body mechanics, how to create a sequence, choose massage cream, adjust a table, and a short demonstration of chair massage.

Later that night, we went to Harold’s, a deli attached to the hotel that I’d been hearing about from other attendees of NJ events for years. I must say, I didn’t quite believe my eyes when we got our stuff. Anon and I went to dinner with another couple, and between the four of us, we ordered two sandwiches and a knish. This was an 80$ meal. I didn’t quite understand until I saw the damn things we ordered. The single knish, which was for us all to share, was the size of half pound burger.  The sandwich that Anon and I ordered? I ordered like a regular deli “Umm…roast beef on white bread with a sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and…hmm….sauteed onions.”

What we got was a half a  pound of meat bulging out from between two tiny slices of break, and on plates on the side, a quarter pound  of cheese, half a large tomato, a quarter head of lettuce, and a plethora of sauteed onions. I was so surprised, confused, and scared by the massive amount of food. Then, I saw the single pancake the man at the next table ordered. It was the size of a large NYC pizza.

Listen, I was high, and I was frightened by the massive amount of food in front of me. This is a big deal.

But, for the most part, we had enough food to nibble on for the rest of the weekend, in addition to the nibbles in the presenter’s lounge and the pizza dinner the event held.

Saturday was a lovely day – Anon’s volunteer shift was the night before, my class wasn’t until 7pm that evening, and we had nothing to do. We lounged around, went to the pool, and slept, cuddled, fucked, and then I went and taught Anal 101.

I think it went very well – though I think I definitely need to work on the demo portion of this class – I had never taught it with a demo before, and he and I hadn’t discussed what I would put in his butt, so it was a bit more scattered than I would have liked.  But there were some great questions from the audience, and I think I did a damn good job.

During the class, I had Anon, who was wearing his leather jock and chaps, blindfolded, gagged, hooded and leashed to the table while I lectured. It was sweet.

There was more wandering, relaxing, outfit changing, dungeon time, and then, back up in our room, some truly motherfucking epic sex of awesomeness. Lets put it this way – sometimes, you have anal sex just because its hot. Other times, you have anal sex because your poonani gets so worn out from fucking and orgasms that the only way to continue (and oh goddamn do you want to continue) that you have to utilize your ass.

I’m pretty sure the entire 7th floor heard me screaming. Tee hee.

After that, I think I died, or at least passed out for a few hours.

Sunday was much more low key – we packed and checked out, and Anon loaded up the car while I snuck off to buy him a present – a gorgeous knew collar – a little more femme and pretty than our other two. Pictures to come soon. We spent time chillaxing before my last class of the weekend – Anal Fisting.

As usual, anal fisting draws quite a crowd – especially when you’re fisting a pretty girl.  The lecture went well, and damn, but the demo was a blast! Ammre twittered during it, which was hysterical – apparently, she had  the text queued and ready to go, lol.

We also took some great photos during the class – the event photographer came by. There are some thumbs up shots and other nice ones, and I can’t wait to get a look at them and see if I can post any.

In the meantime, here’s one a friend took with her phone – doesn’t my ass look great?

Sunday, post fisting, Anon and I had intended to get right back on the road and head back to Philly, but we wound up hanging out with Horns and another friend of ours, noshing and shooting the shit. Horns had bought a new flogger, and was looking for someone to beat up. Eventually, it was decided that she would beat Anon while I was off taking care of some other things. But, as always, the sound of his screams lured me back to the dungeon, and it led to a scene that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who saw it, heard it, twittered about it, and saw Anon running naked out of the dungeon in fear well after the hotel had been converted back to a vanilla space.

I’ll write about it soon, but for now, lets just say that “Meep! is not a safeword”!——

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