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Sex Camp 2008: Energy Pull

February 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This is probably about the fifth time I’ve tried to write about the energy pulls I took part in at Sex Camp, both in 2008 and 2007. I don’t know why I keep finding it so hard to write about them, but its probably connected to how hard I find it to verbalize how amazingly [...]

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Little Miss V Says…

July 15th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Happy Birthday Miss Viviane!

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World Rat Day

April 4th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Yeah bitches, we have our own holiday. Today is World Rat Day, a day to celebrate fancy rat lovers, rat ownership, and basically, how awesome rats are.
To celebrate, here are photos of my colony (I think, having 8 rats, I can officially refer to each group as a colony now. I swear to god! No [...]

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Best. Cake. Ever.

February 18th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Madeline Glass
If there’s one belief that I will admit to sharing with Anton LaVey, its that one’s birthday is the hands down most important holiday ever. I like to celebrate my birthday for weeks. (Usually I like to considering the time period between February 10th through February 27th my birthday. )
However, the actual [...]

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Perverts Salon Tea

November 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Learning the ropes! Hahaha, I punned!
Today the lovely Eileen taught me how to tie people up. Miss V took photos.
Here I am, after she used me as her demo. Also, my boobs, and my ink.
It looks so purdy!
This is after she went ‘Hey, check this out!’ and hauled my hands up behind my head [...]

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