Sex Camp 2008: Energy Pull

This is probably about the fifth time I’ve tried to write about the energy pulls I took part in at Sex Camp, both in 2008 and 2007. I don’t know why I keep finding it so hard to write about them, but its probably connected to how hard I find it to verbalize how amazingly intense these experiences were.

2007’s energy pull was the first time I had been pierced like this, to pull and have hooks in my chest. I’d had some experience with needled, being tattooed and formerly pierced, but this was for such a different purpose. It was meditative, not decorative, and even though I was scared, I was very much drawn to the Energy Pull Ritual from the moment I read about it. I knew that I needed to go.

Miss Viviane agreed to come and be my support person, which was wonderful. She also came to drum with the other drummers, and this set up a perfect situation. I don’t need, nor do I want, a support person sitting next to me, behind me, or touching me while doing the pull. It would throw me off, because I’d be too focused on them and not the energy. What I do need is someone to take care of me after, to give me water and fruit, and to drag me back to the cabin to sit down, since I’m in a floaty woo-woo kind of place filled with wonderful and kind of need to be kept an eye on.

The pull is worked as a ritual, with everyone there involved. The organizer (who’s name I’m not sure if I can use, so I will call her the shaman, for now), of the ritual is grounded in Native American tradition, and acts as our shaman, guiding everyone through the process. I really adore getting the chance to do ritual with others at these events, since I practice on my own at home.

The drums start, and she pierces us, two hooks through our chest, and gives us to our support person to bring us to the area she found for us to pull.  We each take our turn walking around to find the right spot, and clipping the end of a rope (which is attached to the hooks in our chests) to the tree, and movie back until the rope is as taught as we can go at the time.

I like to start sitting, leaning back and letting the earth flow up into me, and into the tree, and listen to the drums while I try to blank my mind.

During my first pull, I stayed seated the entire time, and I had the amazing experience of watching purple energy flow from me and the others, into the tree, and turn green as it left the tree, going both up and down, and feeling it flow back towards me through the ground.

I remember talking about this with one of the drummers who was there, and she had told me she had experienced the same colours, which to me, was amazing.

It was such an utterly wonderful experience. The shaman told us to pay attention to our dreams that night, though I didn’t dream after this pull, or the next one. However, it did allow me to open my mind, and makes realizations and connections that I needed to make in order to improve my life.

My second pull was both very different, but just as intense.

There were only four of us pulling this time, and it was interesting, because we instinctively formed an equal cross around the tree. I would love to have known what directions we orientated ourselves to, if we each moved to one of the cardinal directions.

I also made a very fun connection with one of the other pullers.  He had never done it before, and I was talking to him about my first experience. When we were both hooked up, and particularly towards the end (we were the last two up) there was a definite flow of energy going both ways. This time, it was more something I could feel, than something that I could see, even in my minds eye.

I also had a completely different reaction to the pull this time. I think, because I was more comfortable with the surroundings and people, and with knowing more about how it was going to, or could, feel, I felt free to fall more into myself and react and respond to to the music and energy than I ever felt, in any ritual before.

I danced! I felt the music, the drums, and the rhythms of the area flowing through me, and I needed to move, and to follow them.

Where as the first pull for me was meditative, this one was ecstatic. Where in my first afterwards I was floaty, quiet and introverted, after my second one, I was PUMPED! I think Miss Viviane was surprised at the difference, from being so sedate after the experience once, but so keyed up after the second.

But I suppose each experience is its own beast. No two will ever be the same. I had also, for the second ritual, avoided all stimulants and intoxicants. No drinking, smoking, smoking pot or caffeine. I had prepared differently than I had for the first.  I think I might experiment with a short fast before the next one. I’m curious as to how I prepare your body and mind before hand effect, if at all, the experience I have.

But god, both of them, and the future ones I hope to take part in, are wonderful wonderful experiences. I’ve got to say, they’re some of the most precious memories and moments I’ve had, intellectually and spiritually. Its wonderful of DO to have the event, and I’m always glad that the Shaman is wonderful enough to organize this ritual and take us through the journey. And I’m especially glad that Miss Viviane has been my support person both times, and hopefully in the future. Miss V is absolutely amazing at grounding me, and keeping down to earth when I need to be.

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