Sex Camp 2008 – Big Purp

I swear to God, one day I’ll have actually written all my posts about a DO event I’ve been to before the next event, but today is not that day. Though I shall try.

Some of you may remember Big Purp


Big Purp is my favourite, and biggest dick. Only two men have ever taken this cock. (As I said that in my anal class, someone pointed out how ominous that sounded – as if the next words would be “And now one is blind and only speaks in gibberish, and the other is dead, buried in potter’s field.”) I don’t even actually expect men to try to get Purp in their ass, since Purp is pretty much just the dick in my mind – my metaphorical dick brought to flesh. Silicone. Whatever.

Since he’s so intimidating, I don’t even usually bring Purp out to play, but I figured that Saturday night’s ‘Sex-O-Rama’ and the Brothel would be the perfect time and place to tie Purp on and go.

Plus, I planned on paying very well to get my dick sucked that night, and if I’m going to get one of my dicks sucked, I want it to be one of my favourites.

So I got my rope, harnessed my cock on, and pulled on my pants. Holy crap, I had the hands down biggest and most obscene package within 100 miles. If I had an erection like that in public, children would have run away crying. If it had been a flesh and blood penis, I would have wondered how I was going to walk around. As it was, I had a rough time of it.

Thank god for the camp ‘cabs’. My cabin mates Ellie, Jay and I caught one on over to the Brother, where Ellie was going to get pimped out, and I was going to find Citie Kittie on the job for a blow job of epic proportions.

And epic it was – for $1500 in Kundalini Cash, it had better be!

One of the things I really enjoyed about the brothel was its ability to help break me down and get me into a role. I wasn’t Wendy walking around thinking it would be nice to get my dick sucked, I was a John with a wad of cash to throw any which way I wanted.  It was fun, being able to actually let go and play a role. As soon as I got my wad of cash, I remember asking the house madame where there was a pretty boy to take care of ‘this’, gesturing to my crotch.  She sent me over to The Kitty, and I talked with his pimp while waiting for him to finish with the client who was there ahead of me.  When it was my turn, I dropped trou and demanded a blow job. And what a blow job it was…The Kitty knows how to handle a cock. Plus, watching a pretty boy suck my dick is the biggest turn on of anything.

It was really fun! Kitty totally helped push me into character – whenever it was  a little quiet, he would start talking very loudly about how big my cock was, which was SO super hot.  And I found myself growling and telling him to ‘take my cock, bitch’ and such lovely things.  It was really fun to play a role like that.

I’m so going back to the Brothel next camp.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and my time was up. *Sigh* I wish I had had a real cock, so I could have came all over him. Perhaps one day…

However, while I was done with the pretty Kitty, my cock was not done for the evening. Because as soon as I walked out the door, I met up with my cabin’s Sissy, and a few other cabin mates.  And when our Sissy asked if she could take care of my still raging erection, I was much obliged.  That girl can suck a dick, let me tell you!

And there’s something about hanging around on a porch with a Sissy sucking off your massive erection that attracts attention. Soon, my cabin mate Don was asking if he could take a shot with Big Purp…in his ass.


So when Sissy finished up, we all took a few steps down the porch to the Orgy Room (I love camp.) We, by the way, was Don, his wife Ivy, Sissy, and any one who seemed interested after I said “Hey, I’m going to put this in his ass!”

I really love the set up of the Orgy Room. There were mats piled up at different heights, all covered with sheets. Plenty of lube, chucks, and condoms at hand, and plenty of room for a crowd, which is always good for a room intended for orgies. Or ass fucking shows, which this turned into.

We got a chuck, I gloved up (black latex, yummy!) and I grabbed a bunch of lube packets and paper towels, and started tearing the tops off some packet to have ‘em ready. Don had also just bought a 3oz bottle of lube as well, so we were pretty gravy in that department.

I was a bit nervous at first, but I’m always a little nervous when playing with a new ass. Don’t laugh! Its just slight nerves. I always simply take a deep breath, and dive in with enthusiasm.

And dive in I did! Don was on his hands and knees, kilt flipped up and ass in the air while slowly worked my way in with a single finger. I wasn’t sure how experienced he was, and I went fairly slowly.

However, Don is a complete and utter whore, and things picked up the pace pretty quickly. It wasn’t long before I was alternating between three and four fingers, opening him up.  We had drawn a small group of onlookers by then, but I was entirely to focused on my work.

I was having a grand old time, leisurely working his ass while Sissy helped me unharness my cock. I find that I prefer to hold a dildo in my hands to fuck people, rather than strapped to me, particularly when I’m using a big cock on an unknown ass. It gives me *much* more control, which is a good thing, especially with large cocks.

Once I worked Big Purp inside Don, we let just the head sit while he relaxed around it.  When he was ready, I had him slowly back onto the cock at his own pace.

Fairly soon, we had to stop, as Purp was a bit bigger than anticipated. A case of one’s eyes being larger than one’s stomach.  But holy shit, Don got HALF of Big Purp into his ass! That is something to be commended, considering most people, male and female, tend to back away slowly at the sight of Purp. But Don…he backed onto it!

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5 Responses to “Sex Camp 2008 – Big Purp”

  1. Adriana says:

    That sounds so interesting and fun!

  2. Curvaceous Dee says:

    That’s seriously impressive. I’m well aware how much girth (and length) Big Purp has – I’d have trouble fitting it in my mouth, much less my arse!

    xx Dee

  3. @Dee – I have trouble fitting it in my mouth as well. I was very impressed with Kitty and Sissy for getting it in their mouths, and Don for getting it in his ass!

  4. Don Myers says:

    Next time I’m taking the whole thing!

  5. Dave Evans says:

    Hey Wendy,

    What are you up to girl – I haven’t heard from you in a while.

    I really think I should attend one of these sex camp things.


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