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Fun with Nipples – My weekends, and a review!

November 11th, 2009 · 11 Comments


So, I got these alligator nipple clamps to review from Babeland.  At first, when I played around with them myself, I found them kind of meh.  So I brought them to Philly to play with them on the Boy, but we were kind of half assed about it, and they fell to the bottom of the toy bag.

However, this weekend Anon and I stayed at a friend’s apt in NYC, and I wanted to pack a light toy bag. (My light toy bag generally consists of bamboo skewers, rubber bands, handcuffs, latex gloves, a flogger I made, chopsticks, lube and cbt rope.) I figured I’d give these another try before writing them off, so I tossed them in.

One morning, I tossed these clamps to him and told him to put them on his nipples until I told him to take them off, and I then promptly forgot they were on him. (It was pre coffee! I’m lucky I can find my feet!) They had been on for a little while when I playfully pounced on him and we started kissing on the couch.  As I settled on top of him, he whimpered because the nipple clamps were still on and I was putting pressure on them.

It was quite a yummy sound. After a little teasing and flicking of the clamps, I pulled them off (Literally. I find removing clamps to be most fun when you don’t unclamp them first.) I left them off, but tossed them in my purse for later. We were heading out to do some window shopping at the Leatherman (OMG, I WANT EVERYTHING!)

While walking across the village to get to the TNGNYC munch, we found a lovely street fair.  I adore street fairs – something about the smell of all that deep fried food and roasted corn and weird stuff for sale makes me so utterly happy. We found a huge table covered in those murano glass pendants, for three dollars each. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look, and I wound up finding two pendants – a gorgeous blue dolphin for my mom for Christmas, and a black and brown butterfly for my grandmother. Yay for early and inexpensive holiday shopping!

Anyway, while we were at the munch, I had Anon put the nipple clamps on and I had quite the fun playing with them after we had eaten. Eventually, I had pulled ‘em off while he tried not to yell too loud in the diner. I also discovered that the chain was just long enough to fit through the o ring on his collar so that it slightly pulled on the clamps while they were in place. That was fun. Tee hee.

Since we’re a bunch of perverts, someone suggested I should do it again, when he wasn’t expecting it. Another lovely girl thought it would be hysterical if I did it while he was midconversation with her so that she could watch.

It was so much fun. She was so delighted at the faces and noises he made while trying to be fairly quiet. I love those quick and dirty fun scenes – especially the co-toppy kind. I’m so weird – I don’t want another woman around while I”m fucking, but I loooooove co topping. Go figure.

Anywho, our weekend was amazing. And so are these clamps. I think they’re a good basic set to have for some quick and dirty nipple play. Just be careful – those little black caps can slip off the clamp, and then they’re sharp and pointy metal. Not everyone likes sharp and point. Though they’d do for a roach clip in a pinch. :)


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  • 1 ANoN // Nov 13, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    i will attest that these damn things work very well. they are highly effective at bringing the ouch!

    I know that nipple clamps can be used for more than just pick-up scenes, some sadists base entire scenes around them… not that i want to give you any ideas of course.


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