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The Boy – Wherein I lose my shit in an embarassing but funny way

October 26th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Wendyland has been quite busy lately.

There has been massage school midterm madness, which will thankfully be done this week.

There has been prepping for my class at TES:TNG this week (Fisting 101, on Wednesday! Ya’ll should come.  Ages 19-35!)

And then there has been The Boy. I’ve gone down to visit him in Philly twice, and this last weekend, he came up to visit me in NYC.  It was a wonderful day – we hung out with some friends, ate bull penis, smoked some weed, had a magical moment with a shirt I bought, I got wonderfully drunk, we wound up at a sex party, and I totally lost my shit during a scene.

Anon and I have been having great fun playing with the D/s dynamic within our relationship, and during play. He is my boy, I am his mistress. I have teh powah. And I have him by the balls.

Sunday, when he arrived, we decided to stop by the hotel he got for the night to see if we could drop our things off. Amazingly, they had a room available, so we got to go up, drop our things off and fuck freshen up do dirtybad things.

I had bought him a present. Lolita was kind enough to help me pick it out while I was shopping at Purple Passion. My boy had expressed an interest in playing with a hood, which is something I’ve never done before, for a variety of reasons.

First, I enjoy being able to see my partner’s face. I’m a reaction junkie; I like to be able to see winces and whimpers and scrunchie faces when I do owie things to them. I also like being able to read their face to see how things are going, how they’re feeling.  I watch for reactions, big eyes, and to see if there are problems.

Secondly,  they kind of scare me.  I tried the hood on myself when I got home, and it was kind of scary. I couldn’t hear well, I couldn’t see at all, and while I could breath through the material, it was scary and confining. I have a terrible fear of gags, and this somehow fed into that.  I also didn’t like the tightness, the restraint, and having most of my senses taken away from me with the hood on. (However, those were also all the things I liked about putting this on Anon. *He* didn’t get any of those things either)

Thirdly, and most stupidly, I didn’t really care for hoods because they seem like such a trope of the femdom/malesub porn that I don’t like. Its kind of stupid to avoid such a lovely toy because of that – pegging has become the femdom come shot, and I still like that. Liked it before I was all toppy mctopperson, and I still like it now. And I’m not going to *not* do something just because porn has fucked it up and done it badly.  So I shouldn’t dislike hoods just because they’re used badly in porn for bad reasons.

And I found playing with my boy while he was wearing the hood was very, very fun.  It reminded me a bit of one of our first scenes at camp, where he was blindfolded. I kept circling around him, pushing him, body checking him randomly and physically throwing him off balance.  The hood helps that same sensation along, but more intensely. He couldn’t quite hear where I was going or what I was doing. He couldn’t see. He couldn’t even try to catch a whiff of me. Nothing. He didn’t know at any point what toy would hit him where, or how hard.

And he couldn’t touch. I had his hands cuffed in front of him, and I wouldn’t let him touch me. He was essentially an island alone, kneeling on the edge of the bed, waiting to be acted upon. It was fun!

Since I thought we’d be wandering around the city before going to the hotel, I had managed to pack light on the toys I brought – basically, stuff that would fit in my school bag. The handcuffs, of course.  Rubber bands, gloves, lube, bamboo skewers, and one mean, but highly portable flogger.

I grabbed a bunch of bamboo skewers, and rubber banded them together, which made a nice bundle of pointy evil sticks. Anon was poked, prodded, smacked and generally knocked around.

Eventually, I pushed him down onto his back, and did mean things to his balls, squeezing them and slapping them before I straddled him. I found myself way more turned on than I had expected, and I enjoyed rubbing myself up and down his body, kissing him through the hood, and watching him essentially go nonverbal while getting super hard under me.

At some point, he asked me to take him to the bathroom. At some point, very early on in our play (something like, the third night at camp) me taking him to the bathroom and helping him, *especially* during scenes, or when we were both headspacy, became a thing. Personally, I find the idea of having complete control over all of a persons bodily functions very hot. (Also, one of my big non-sexual kinks and wants has always been to hold a guys cock while he pees. None of my past boyfriends would let me do it. I was tickled pink when Anon suggested it, prefaced with ‘Hey, you know what would be really humiliating?’)

I grabbed the chain of the cuffs, and dragged him into the bathroom.  He stood, while I held his cock, but it just wasn’t happening that way, so I had my boy sit on the toilet to pee. It was actually very sweet and tender – I was standing, with his still hooded head against my chest, and my arms wrapped around him.

But suddenly, I felt the leg of my jeans getting wet and warm. Yeaup. I got pissed on. Despite having to pee, his cock was hard, and even though he was sitting, it managed to point in the exactly wrong direction, and the leg of my jeans, the *only pair I had with me* was suddenly covered in a flood of piss.

This is where I lost my shit.

“Oh my god, your pissing on me! Stop! Your peeing on my jeans!”  I danced backwards, pulling my jeans off and throwing them in the sink.

“Shit! My pants! These are my only pants, and I have school tomorrow!” I washed and rinsed them, while Anon took off his hood and finished peeing, and cleaned up the floor.

“Its just pee!” he said. “Not that bad!”

“I know, I know, but I’ve got to wear these to school tomorrow, and I just got peed on!”

I don’t really have an issue with piss itself. I know pee is, for the most part, sterile when it leaves the body. I have cleaned up the bodily fluids of the dead. I’m actually pretty interested in the idea of peeing on boys, and simply need to get over my thing about pissing standing up. I have no issues with that. Its just. Pee. On my pants. That I have to wear to school!

Hell, I’ve even gotten peed on once before. This makes two times I’ve been technically non-consensually pissed on. It always just sort of happens, and it’s always humorous.

I was also surprised. I did not expect to get pissed on, so having it happen kind of knocked me out of head space.

After everything was cleaned up, we cuddled a bit (while Anon was still handcuffed) and talked. About pee, about the hood, about nothing.  Then we decided to try and continue where we left off, getting the hood back on him and getting back to the sexy part of the scene.

Never fear, brave readers, we were both able to rise the the challenge, get back into head space, and have mind blowingly hot said while the boy was hooded and handcuffed. Yum. I have rediscovered my love of girl on top sex. I forgot how much fun it can be! You get to set the pace, and watch the boy be all squirmy and adorable. You can have your ass grabbed.  You can still reach down to do hurty things.  Also, orgasms. (Yah! I had my fourth ever orgasm from penetration while doing girl on top with Anon!)

I must say, there is something to this hood thing. I found it made it much easier for me to objectify Anon with it on, and think of him more as a plaything for me than as my boy. Its subtle, I suppose, but there are differences. One of the things I adore about my boy is that we’re both able to look at our relationship from different perspectives as we need to. There is boyfriend/girlfriend time, mistress/boy time, etc. It works pretty well, especially since we can fall back into girlfriend/boyfriend space easily when we need to.

Anyway. That is the tale of how I humorously lost my shit while sceneing, as caused by pee.

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  • 1 Tom Allen // Oct 26, 2009 at 11:53 am

    I’m tempted to say “Better to be pissed off than pissed on,” but I’m not sure that you would find it amusing…

  • 2 Wendy's Boy // Oct 26, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    All things considered I must say that I found it very amusing when Wendy dived off the deep end. I couldn’t help but giggling like a naughty little boy when she started going off. Regardless the only way to make us even steven is to have Mistress piss on me. Ironically, I have never had an interest in water sports before but after her rant I am actually curious to try.

  • 3 Wendy Blackheart // Oct 26, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Tom, since its you, and since you quoted Men in Tights, you can get away with it. Hehehe.

    Boy – you are adorable, what with your giggling. Now I just might have to pee on you to even the score. As long as your not wearing my X-Men shirt at the time.

  • 4 Molly Ren // Nov 18, 2009 at 12:24 am

    “Personally, I find the idea of having complete control over all of a persons bodily functions very hot. (Also, one of my big non-sexual kinks and wants has always been to hold a guys cock while he pees. None of my past boyfriends would let me do it. I was tickled pink when Anon suggested it, prefaced with ‘Hey, you know what would be really humiliating?’)”

    Ah, one of those “me too!” moments. I read a scene once on a blog…what was it?…where a girl held a man’s penis while he peed. They’d just had really wild sex and were still kissing. Maybe since I know one or two boys now I can actually do it!


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