DOSC09 – The Thunderbolt

Camp is wonderful. Camp is beautiful. Camp is magic.

Camp is the reason I got to spend part of Sunday night having a boy lick his own come off my boots. (Which amazingly does wonders for the boots. I’m not sure if its the come, the saliva, or the fact that I think my boots are even sexier now than they were before, but goddamn do I love these things!)

Let me back track – See, I met a boy at this camp, and I was struck by the thunderbolt. Yeah. He’s awesome (I just did the math. We’ve known each other 16 days, but it already feels like ages). Camp fosters an extremely tight-knit, fast moving, intense environment – everyone is together all the time, doing all things, everywhere. You get to know people very quickly.

Everything that brought us together was a series of ‘coincidences’ and chances. I arrived Wednesday, not Monday like I had been thinking about. He made the decision to actually come to camp fairly last minute.

Cabins had been moved – the block of cabins my group, the Pervert’s Saloon, was in had been moved from our usual cabins to the former Boudoir Nation group of cabins – Anon had come looking for someone who always stayed in BN, and found Don, Ivy, and me and my ‘Destroy All Vampires’ shirt, which naturally sparked conversation.

But before that, when we locked eyes, there was one of those Moments. Yeah, a capital M moment. My first thought was ‘I must know this boy’. Then ‘ZOMG wtf totally cute quick, respond by acting shy!’ Which I did. We all stopped setting things up for a bit to have a smoke and a beer and chat, and then Anon wandered off to find whomever he was looking for, and we went back to unpacking.

At dinner, I ate with friends, and was told someone who’d been there since Monday doing set up had been having awful back spasms, and could I help, being a LMT student and all?

So I spoke with her, and we arranged a time for a massage in the dungeon after dinner, and after I met with Colten to go over my staff assignments. This, by the way, sparked the other path I wound up walking over the DO week – rediscovering my self as a healer and an empath. But we’ll get back to that.

I finished eating, finished meeting with Colten, and was running to the bathroom real quick before heading to my massage, when Anon caught my attention and was walking with me out towards the bathrooms. We talked, and made a date for a midnight swim in the pool, and then he kissed me. And oh lord.

Ever have one of those totally conflicted moments? I did. I wanted to pee very much. I needed to go do the massage I promised. But I did *not* want to stop kissing that boy. Not one bit. And the idea of a cold midnight swim followed by some naked warming up? Very nice.

Eventually, we did stop. And I did do my massage, and the person was able to walk the rest of the weekend, following some excellent fire heat therapy the next day from PyroSadist (You know, when I go into LMT practice, I should send clients to him. Fire is sooo much nicer than a hot pack, and just as effective.)

And Anon found me in the dungeon when I was finishing up my work and talking to Ivy, who was watching Pyro do fire on Margo, who had a neck icky going on. (I still owe you a massage Margo! That marker is so totally on the table.) There was this idea that we were still going to go to do midnight swimming, but we wound up in the make out room, making out.

This was the first time in three camps I’d used the make out room for its intended purpose.  Along with making out, there was eventually blow jobs, stuff in my butt, and hot sex.

We decided to sleep in the sex-o-rama peep show room, where they had these cute plastic and cloth ‘habitats’ with futon sized beds. Much better for two than a camp bed. :)

More delicious sex was had, along with much cuddling. Anon is a wonderful cuddler. Quite warm as well – I do appreciate a boy who doubles as a furnace at camp, where it gets cold at night very quickly.

So, that’s how it started. The rest of the weekend we were pretty much inseparable. Unless I was on shift, Anon was small and attached to my hip. We didn’t really play with other people that week, though I did organize and participate in a gang bang for a friend, and he did have a scene with his girlfriend, Horns. Aside from that? Glued at hips, and at the lips. And full of smurphyness, as Ribbert would say.

It just rolled on from there – the entire week was amazing. A little fuzzy to remember in order, but amazing. Right after we made it back home, we were making plans to get me down to Philly to see him again. Which is how I wound up spending Sunday night with said boy licking his own come off my boots.

Life is good. :)

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