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Things I Learned Over the Weekend

June 1st, 2009 · 2 Comments

1) Scavenger Hunts are awesome

2) I think I’m slightly more psychic than I thought I was.

3) I really need to better listen to those little bursts of psychicness. (ie, next time I go ‘I should shave and wear nicer underwear…nah, I’m just going on a scavenger hunt, not getting naked’ I should shave and wear nicer undies.

4) RecursiveKink and Kai are fantastic Scavenger Hunt partners. Next time, we’ll totally win.

5) Spontaneous orgies are even better than planned orgies.

6) When told that there is a bee flying near me, I will scream and flail like a six year old girl.

7) My new massage skills can be used for evil. If by evil, you mean awesome. And if by awesome, you mean ‘can be used as part of an exchange for boysex to happen’. (Though I think boysex might have happened anyway. And the me touching boy would have happened anyway. But its nice to think it could work elsewhere)

8) Touching boys rocks. (Actually, I already knew that one.)

9) Marcall’s brand toilet paper is the worst toilet paper to use to make a mummy.

10) I got to see one of my friends naked who I never saw naked before. I didn’t learn anything, really. This is just awesome coz she’s purty. *coff* and so was the boy she brought. Who was also naked. As was I. I think I died and went to pretty skinny boy heaven.

11) Anything can be slashed. Even room mates. Especially room mates.

12) I have had more uncircumcised cock floating around me than I knew. Uncut cock FTW!

13) One of my friends can do a trick with his balls very similar to the one I do with my boobs. I am hoping to convince him to allow us to film this. With googly eyes.

14) Speaking of slash, I may have to read/see  Twilight, but ONLY so I can write three way slash with Edward, Robert Pattinson, and Mr. Gael, filled with glittering, angst, and sex.

15) I really ought to carry at least one of my dicks on my at all times. I either need a bigger messenger bag, or a backpack.

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  • 1 Jeanne // Jun 9, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Wanted to let you know that I just opened at blog at deliberateindulgence.blogspot, and I linked to you there.

    I hope you don’t mind! (Do let me know if you do, I’ll remove it in a heartbeat..)


  • 2 Claire // Jun 10, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    The best part? I think I know who you’re talking about and what they do that should be seen with googly eyes. For I saw a live demonstration on Thursday.

    Have I mentioned that I love you guys?


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