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Review: Tristan’s Anniversary Edition Plug

May 7th, 2009 · 10 Comments


Oh. Mygod. Tristan Taormino is a freaking anal genius.Everything about this toy is AWESOME.

I’m particularly in love with the shape and the design. Its different from a standard plug, the upside down ice cream cone variety, narrow at the tip, wide at the base,  which then gets a super thin indent to stay in (which, in my experience, doesn’t actually work all that well). Standard plugs, I find, give me a feeling of stretching and fullness lower down in my ass, closer to my anus.

The Tristan, however, gave me a feeling of fullness further inside than I normally get with a plug, since the wider bigger parts are at the end, rather than the base. This is a Good Thing. Wider at the top, and farther in, means its hitting my g-spot. (I’m assuming it will hit the prostate the same way. Alas, I don’t have one.)

This is also the *only* plug I’ve ever been able to wear while walking around. The other shape, no matter what size, tend to go shooting across the room before I can blink. Or sneeze. (Here’s a tip, BTW. When sick, and wanking, and DPing yourself, DON’T SNEEZE. Everything goes shooting across the room and it hurts. A lot.) Anyway, I think part of the reason the Tristan stays in so well is the shape of the base. The shape of the plug itself obviously helps, but the base makes a big difference here.


The shape of the base works really well with your body, and tucks in between your ass cheeks really well. Its like ergonomic or some shit, lol. Anyway, its good.

The extended wearability was nice, really nice. I loved the feeling of fullness. Plus, it hits some sort of spot perfectly when I walk around, something that isn’t *quite* my g-spot, I don’t think. It feels totally different. Very nice, but different. It could just be my g-spot getting stimulated from a different angle. But every time I took a step or bent over, BAM, there it was. I have never had so much fun cleaning the tub in my entire life.

The shape of the Tristan plug made it excellent for long term wear – plus the stem is actually a nice thickness, so your anus is getting stretched too. Very yummy. I find a standard plug uncomfortable for more than half an hour or so, and I find they stretch me in a rather uncomfortable.

I found I couldn’t do DP with it though, because of the difference in its shape, and the way I was sitting. I tried to put a slim bullet vibe in and it was too uncomfortable for me, and then I tried a slim silicone dildo. However, I was sitting up in my standard wanking position. Perhaps if I had been laying down it would have reconfigured my junk in an easier position for double penetration.

The only downside was that it took me a while to get it in. Normally I don’t need butt warm up for self play, I can just lube and pop things in, but its been a while since I really played heavy with my own butt.  If it were slightly smaller, I’d recommend it as a first butt toy, but this one might be more intermediate level, IMO. Standard plugs allow for easy insertion, since they go from small to large. the Tristan might take some warm up. I mean, it took *me* warm up, and I’m not called the Ass Bandit for nothing. :)

Overall, I ADORE the Tristan. It has a place of honour in my butt collection, and I swear, I’m putting this in the ass of everyone I can get my hands on.

*sigh* I can only dream that one day, *I* have an anal toy named after me that I designed. One day…

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  • 10 Toy With Me // May 20, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Great review! I have been thinking of getting this plug. :)


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