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Gabriel, and self realization

February 12th, 2008 · 24 Comments

Gabriel got in touch with me through my blog, and he was one of the few who’ve emailed me that I emailed back. See, he wrote a polite, properly spelled email, and those things impress me.

The gist of the email was that he thought my blog and I were awesome, and as he was local, hoped we could get together for a drink.

He said he got the nerve after reading my post on tall, pale, skinny boys, because he fit the bill. Yum! Gabriel is tall. Not quite as tall as Sebastian, but tall enough that I found out I can comfortably wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head on his chest. He’s also very pretty.

I said yes, not knowing most of that which is unusual for me. I hadn’t been meeting strange men off the Internet lately, but he seemed real sweet, intelligent, and full of awesome. I’m also terribly shallow, and like to see photos first. But something was pushing me towards going.

We went for dinner, and then walked over to a little tea shop to continue the evening.

I knew things were going well when the conversation moved to books. I asked if he’d ever read “The Day of the Triffids”.

Not only had he read and enjoyed it, he owned two copies, and said I could borrow one. I was hooked. (Want to impress me? Geek me out on books. I kink hard on good books.)

I was still feeling a bit uncertain, however. I was feeling somewhat unbalanced, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. There was something new and shiny about him, and my reactions to him, that I could quite place.

Conversation turned, as it inevitably does in my life, to sex and kink. Some things had been discussed over email. My massive dick tends to come up early, since there are photos of it all over the Internet. He hadn’t run away screaming, which is always a good sign.

I asked Gabriel what sort of things he liked.

“I really like pain…” He ducked his head down, blushing. At that, something inside of me switched, shifted and clicked into place. I smiled, and leaned across the table to brush back some hair that had fallen out of

I didn’t know I was going to bring him home until I touched him. Some of his hair had fallen out of his pony tail, and I brushed it back, and pet him. He leaned into my hand.

Then I slid my fingers into his hair, and pulled. He didn’t resist at all. Quite enjoyed it, actually. I found out I really liked the look on his face when I did that. And I liked how pulling his hair made me feel. I felt powerful, I felt in control, and I felt really really hot. I had to leave and go to the bathroom to breath, and assess the situation.

See, for the longest time, I’ve considered myself a switch who mostly bottoms. Really, a bottom who occasionally switched. But more and more lately, I felt that changing. Since I started blogging, really, and thinking more about my sexual identity, trying to figure out who I was, and what made me tick. I’d been slowly realizing that I might be more of a dom/top than I though I was (To the surprise of no one but myself), but hadn’t really had that part of me kick in.  But something about Gabriel…he is my finder of fetishes. I’m finding out I like all *sorts* of things these days.

After composing myself, I decided to take the plunge, and see what happened.  I asked him to come back to my place.

He said yes, and the two of us jumped up and started getting our things together so fast, we nearly forgot to pay the bill in our excitement.

The trip home was fun, and funny.  While waiting for the train, we stood making out on the plat form. Eventually, the gentleman who plays the guitar at that station late at night interrupted us.

“Hey guys, you know, hugging and kissing is ten dollars while I’m playing!”  We laughed, and went back to the kissing, hugging, and semi-subtle groping.  See, men’s long jackets are awesome.  I was able to un-tuck the back of his shirt to get to some skin without anyone really noticing.  Belts, however, suck, and I was unable to get to any of my favourite flesh. But there would be time for that later.

Once on the subway, I took his hair out of its pony tail, and put the band on my wrist. This tends to be one of the first things I do now when I see him. He looks so pretty with his dark hair falling around his face. He leaned against me while I played with his hair and rand my fingers over his face.

When we got back to my house, I gave him the quick tour, before heading to my room. (On the way, he did get to meet Jacob the cat. Jake to an instant liking to Gabriel, mostly because my boy was wearing a fancy pair of suit pants, and Jake wanted to make sure to get them nice and fur covered.  Little beast.)

The details, even right after, were rather hazy for me. I was very much in the moment, rather slightly out, and observing as well as acting. But it was a fun, intense night.Very hot. Very…educational. And also, I feel, rather private. This time, I feel, is for me. I don’t want to share all the details. I want that first night to be just for me, and just for him. It is special to me. It was a night where I feel I came into myself, and began a new, wonderful experience. It was also my first night with a boy that I quite fancy and sometimes, even I don’t want to share all the details about a first time like this, so soon.

I found out I really *really* liked hurting him.  I got to bite him, and scratch, and suck, and it was good.  I got to use my leather strap, and my crop, and my little flogger. I hauled him over my knees and spanked him. I slapped him across the face. He knelt for me, which to date, I feel is one of the sweetest things a man has ever done for me. I left marks. He left some too.

I found out I enjoyed putting him in girl clothes, which was another thing that sort of lurked at the back of my mind that I might enjoy.

One of my favourite parts of the night was when we were done playing. Gabriel curled up on my bed with his head in my lap while I pet him. We talked a little, but mostly, we sat quietly. It was peaceful, and relaxing, and most of all, it felt very right.

He’s also a toucher, and a cuddler. Later one, we curled up under my blankets, cuddling and kissing and talking most of the night.  I love doing that. Poor Gabriel didn’t get much sleep before work!
I really like that I can touch him before we sleep. Lately, I had mainly been seeing Sebastian who is not a cuddler, by any means. Even the times we do cuddle, its just not as satisfying as curling up with Gabriel was.

We also made plans to get together again that very weekend, which was…wow. Yeah. Thats the weekend where the photos came from.

But thats a story for another time.

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  • 1 Robin // Feb 13, 2008 at 1:45 am

    I hope things work out with Gabriel. It sounds like you really enjoyed your time with him. Got to love those pretty boys eh. Thanks for sharing!

    Robin’s last blog post..TMI Tuesday

  • 2 Joy // Feb 13, 2008 at 10:00 am

    “And I really got hot when I saw Jeanette Scott fight a triffid who spits poison and kills”
    *from the middle row* “What The Fuck’s A Triffid??”
    I really don’t know. Six years of RHPS, and I don’t know. I should look it up. I imagine that it’s some sort of evil, not-so-fuzzy tribble. It’s probably not.

    Anywho. YAY for new tall, skinny boys. I’m very very glad for you! Hee!

    Joy’s last blog post..In Which Things Get Literotic

  • 3 Wendy // Feb 13, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Hehe, thats how I found out about Day of the Triffids. I went and looked it up. Triffids are a plant that grows to aprox. 8-10 feet tall. The top of the stalk has a flower similar to a lily, from which is can fling a stinger with a poison that can kill a full grown man. They then wait next to the dead body, waiting for it to decompose so that the flesh is soft enough for the stigner to pull off, since they eat meat. They are also mobile, with three ‘feet’ which they use to move around, at a slow lurch. They also have sticks on their stalks that are rattled, possibly for communicating with each other.

    Good thing they aren’t real. We’d be fucked.

    Hehe. But yes, new tall skinny boys are awesome, especially this one. :)

  • 4 axe // Feb 13, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    It sounds like you’re taking to the dominant side more than you expected:)
    That’s never a bad thing.

    axe’s last blog post..How To Tell If That Domme You’re Emailing Is Really A Man

  • 5 Wendy // Feb 13, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    @ Axe - Like a duck to water. :) Though I still have lots to learn.

  • 6 Graham // Feb 14, 2008 at 1:41 am

    Ahh, the Triffids. The Beeb made a TV series of it in the early 80s, before you were born I’d think, I remember being allowed to stay up to watch it. I recommend it if you can find it on DVD or whatever dark corner of the Internet.

  • 7 Marcello // Feb 17, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Gabriel is a very lucky guy, and your re-telling of your experience was great.

    Marcello’s last blog post..The Sweetest Fruit: An Ode to Cunninglingus


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